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About Us

Season two Ayurveda is a fully equipped Ayurveda Centre with facilities that match strict quality and high standards, set up in a peaceful, healing environment provides the best facility. Season two also has a Yoga Centre that provides yoga training to beginners, housewives, senior citizens, etc.

The centre also offers ayurvedic treatments that complement the recovery of the customers from other health issues for which they have taken medical treatments.

We have experienced Ayurvedic Physicians to assess your health and stress levelsand suggest the most appropriate treatment. Season two Ayurveda has various treatment packages including weight-loss, body purification, stress relief, anxiety, pre-post-menopausal syndrome, spinal disorders, rejuvenation, post natal care etc.


To become a global Ayurvedic brand.


To provide authentic Ayurvedic services and products and to open ayurveda centres across the country.

Professionally Trained Ayurvedic Phisicians And Therapists

Government Certified Facility

Clean And Hygeinic


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